Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Bit With The Busy

So Ed and I finally got together on the other blog that we wanted to make [one that Kaiju // Sento will become a feature on] called "Tokyo Hipster".  Basically what the blog features is everything from art // bike scene stuff to Kaiju // Tokusatsu and other nerdiness that you can usually find here.  I don't when the transition will formally take place but right now it is in "alpha" and running on Wordpress with very few updates [].  Within the next few months it will be made available on any of the following domains:
and.... [only after the feature // past entries get fully integrated]

It will be nice to have more than just one person constantly updating this thing as it seems that quality of content has gone down since I started going outside of the house more [joke].  Stay tuned for more information on this exciting // semi-interesting move and or integration.

~C.M. Privitera


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